HID Xenon Headlights – The Rising Trend In Automotive Industry

HID headlights kits consist of xenon lights that make use of superior lighting technology. This revolutionary product has become a new trend in the market.

HID lights headlights have become a new trend in our automotive industry. HID is the abbreviated form of High Intensity Discharge. By the name it is apparent that HID lights are more powerful than the traditional headlights. HID lights make use of electrodes instead of a metal filament. Between the electrodes there is an electric arc. High voltage current is supplied through the electrodes which in turn generates a spark. In order to generate this high voltage current it makes use of a ballast unit which is made up of a metal box. HID xenon lights require a high voltage until it gets illuminated. After that the voltage requirement is as low as 85 volts. HID lights come in the form of HID headlight kits, which consists of all the equipments required for converting a non-HID car into an HID compatible one. An HID headlight kit consists of digital ballasts and a shock protection equipment.

HID xenon lights consist of a glass tube which is filled with xenon gas. This gas works as a replacement for halogen gas. This xenon gas is responsible for generating High Intensity Discharge. It is said to generate a light which is 300% more powerful than the conventional headlights. The best part about these HID lights is that they come in different tints. HID headlight kits that offer bluish white light are quite popular in the market. They also come in pure white and purple tints. HID headlight kits are available for all sorts of cars and you can even find them online. The price is quite reasonable and comes in the range of $65 to $75.

How HID Headlights Are Beneficial

If you view the history of today’s headlights, you would come to know that they were first born in mid 1880s as oil burning lamps that were consuming acetylene as the fuel. Acetylene was proved to be a strong resistant fuel to different weather conditions. This is why the technique came into use of making electric bulbs later. This particular technique was probably the foundation of making car headlights which involves a combination of ignition, starting, charging and finally lighting.

However, car headlights made in this process were quite unable to produce the required amount of light to keep up with the demand of the vehicle owners. So halogen bulbs and lights were made using halogen gases in the bulbs. Performance-wise, these bulbs were quite better and efficient. Later, these bulbs were further replaced by HID lights. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of HID lights.


HID lights deliver 3 times more light than halogen lights, i.e. the light beams generated by HID light sources are 3 times brighter. So it is quite enough to make objects clearly visible even in deep dark, rain and fogs. This is exactly why most car owners are installing HID headlights in their vehicles. Since these lights have high density, they are the most efficient source of light and they make driving easy regardless of whether it is night or daytime.

Safety is another benefit people are getting from HID light because drivers can see the objects in the way more clearly and drive the vehicle safely. Needless to say, most of the road accidents are happening at night. Thanks to the HID lights, the car owner or the driver can see everything as if s/he were driving the car under the sunlight.


HID bulbs cost less than halogen bulbs. This is due to the less manufacturing cost of HID lights. Therefore, anyone could take benefits of these bulbs. Furthermore, they consume less power, so less fuel is needed to ignite the source and produce the light. This, in turn, increases the battery life.


HID bulbs do not use filaments so there is no worry of burning of filaments and bulbs getting fused. The entire light source is made carefully by using ballasts and xenon to make it last longer.


HID kits not only make driving safer and easier, but they also give the vehicle a good and stylish look. There are myriads of kits available on the market, but you need to purchase the perfect one as per your ‘H’ and ‘W’ value. The most popular kit for the car light is the low beam HID source complementing the headlights installed in vehicles. However, other varieties of HID lights are meant to help make objects visible during foggy season.

Even though private car owners are using the HID lights most, these headlights are also being used in trucks in the fire safety departments to provide them better peripheral vision and low battery consumption.

Xenon HID Headlights And Their Significance

The popularity and demand for HID lights are incredibly high and there is certainly to question about it considering their performance and price. These days, HID headlights are being provided as standard fitment on many mainstream vehicles. Cars installed with these lights are more visible to all the passers-by and other road users especially in the dark. Let’s delve deeper into the subject and discuss about these lights in greater detail.

What these lights really are

HID xenon headlights are the latest invention in the automotive lighting technology. These lights use inert gas like Xenon and two electrodes to initiate the charge unlike the halogen bulbs that use a filament to initiate the charge and illuminate the light. Xenon bulbs produce more brightness (nearly 3 to 5 times more than halogen bulbs) and consume less power to generate the light. There is a slight flicker at the time of illuminating, but the bulb extinguishes the flicker immediately after they are turned off, so it does not affect the lighting.

How they illuminate

As mentioned above, the HID lights contain Xenon gas in the bulb. There is a ballast unit (a dual ballast or two single ballasts) fitted into the bulb, which produces a high voltage current (nearly 20,000 volts). This high voltage generates a spark between two electrodes and the spark ignites the Xenon gas. Finally, it activates the metal halide within the bulb. The power output from the ballasts remains stable at 85 volts after the Xenon gas has been activated. This is exactly why the Xenon bulbs last up to ten times longer and consume less power (35 watt) than halogen bulbs.

How to upgrade standard headlights to Xenon

The upgrade can be done either by installing an HID conversion kit in the old light or by completely replacing the halogen bulbs with Xenon bulbs.

Today, a majority of car owners are installing HID headlights in their cars since the installation is easy, cost-effective. Furthermore, HID lights can increase the overall look of the cars considerably.

Household Bulbs, Halogen Bulbs And HID Bulbs

When it comes to today’s vehicles and their headlights, nobody wants to do any compromise. Starting from the acetylene or oil lamps to today’s halogen lamps it has been a long process and a great revolution in the lamp and light industry. Halogen lamps are much more advantageous from the conventional household electric bulbs, so they are vastly used in the form of vehicle headlights.

Halogen bulbs are more efficient, brighter and last longer than the household light bulbs. This is because the household bulb uses a filament in it, while the halogen bulb includes a filament incase in quartz and it’s filled with halogen gases. This helps reduce the decaying of the filament due to heat and constant use. This is why halogen bulbs are used widely on vehicles all over the world. Then, the invention of HID conversion kits made a sudden change in the usage of lights. HID bulbs are even brighter than halogen bulbs and are available at low cost. So anyone can easily afford to buy HID bulbs. So, they have replaced the halogen bulbs significantly.

Halogen and HID bulbs have a lot of difference, and a few of them are:


Even though halogen bulbs are brighter than normal household bulbs, HID bulbs have been made to produce more lights than halogen bulbs. HID bulbs do not use any filament to produce light. Rather, they use gases. Its functioning involves a reaction of the gases with electric current. When you turn the light on, the electric current pulses through it and a reaction is started between the gases and the electric current. As a result, a brighter and more powerful arc is generated. This arc takes much less electricity than halogen and household light sources.

Efficiency and Affordability

HID lights consume less electricity. This is why vehicles consume less fuel to have the required amount of electricity to charge the bulb. Again, the light produced by this light is much brighter to make objects clearly visible even at night and rain. Therefore, HID bulbs are more efficient. Moreover, they cost lower than halogen lights, so they are easily affordable. Anyone can install HID bulbs in home and vehicles.

However, there was a serious problem associated with HID bulbs since the noble gases were taking some time to begin the reaction and produce light beams. This problem was mitigated substantially by adding xenon to the HID kits making then HID Xenon Kits. There was another less important problem associated to the kit which was the fluctuation of light during the reaction time. This problem was fixed by adding ballasts in the bulb. Ballast helps control the flow of electricity to the noble gases and maintains the strong intensity. So different problems that arisen in the process were fixed by different methods and technologies. Now we can avail the advanced and much more robust pieces of HID bulbs or lamps.

Enhance Your Car’s Look by Installing HID Kits

These days, you would hardly see cars having halogen headlights because you can now have a very good alternative source of lights, i.e. HID lights. Well, HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. These lights are also known as Xenon Headlamps which generate a lot more power than traditional halogen lights. Also, they are pretty much affordable when it comes to price tag. But, above all, HID headlamps are significantly important in beautifying your vehicle’s overall look. Here we are going to discuss about how to enhance your vehicle’s look substantially by installing HIDs. Let’s get started.

HIDs and their working principle

Just like getting your car painted, replacing the halogen lights with HIDs can really make a statement. These HID headlamps are actually metal halide lamps containing Xenon gas inside. When the car is started, the Xenon gas inside the light emits a small amount of light. So, the power is redirected and the car warms up faster. The high intensity discharge technology includes a gas capsule rather than a filament inside the light bulb. First of all, an electric arc discharge is generated between closely spaced electrodes which are sealed inside a small quartz glass capsule. Then, this arc emits the light which is much more powerful than the light produced by halogen lights.

The operation of the Xenon Headlamps needs ballasts that supply the required amount of voltage and control current. Even if it consumes less power, it produces as much as 300% more light than its halogen relatives, which approximates the color temperature of natural daylight. This, in turn comes in handy especially in late night driving. You can see many leading car manufacturers installing HID headlamps in the car segment.

Building up the look

Not only do HID headlamps help you see all the objects clearly while driving at night and in rains or fogs, but they also enhance the look of your vehicle substantially. Whether it be a muscle or luxury or racing car – HID kits look pretty nice on any vehicle. They help add security and style at the same time, so these lights are most preferred these days. Out of a lot of varieties of kits, the following four kits are commonly used.

1. Single Beam Kit: It includes 2 pairs of HID bulbs and 2 ballasts.

2. High/Low Beam Kit: It includes 2 pairs of HID bulbs.

3. Telescope Kit: It comes with a single HID that switches between high and low beam.It also includes 2 ballasts and installation clamps.

4. Bi-Xenon: It comes with 2 HID bulbs on each bulb. It works both for high and low beam as well. It also includes 4 ballasts and installation clamps.

There are plenty of reasons why people prefer to use HID bulbs these days. These are the safe and cutting-edge light sources with the ability to produce enormous amount of light.The provide a great look to the vehicle too.

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