5 Reasons to Switch to Xenon Headlights
06.08.2014 15:51

A major percentage of all road accidents and car collisions happen due to invisibility problems. Drivers, due to insufficient light in the dark, can’t be able to see other vehicles, passers-by or animals passing and jumping on the road. This causes accidents and collisions. Therefore, it can be substantially avoided by replacing the old headlights by hid xenon headlights. Here are 5 Reasons why you should switch to Xenon Headlights.

Stronger Durability

Xenon bulbs are designed to take less power to produce light. This indicates they have a greater efficiency meaning – less work and more output. Hence, the parts of the light would work less, and don’t need to be replaced frequently. This ensures longer life of the headlights.

More Value

In terms of cost, classic halogen bulbs and Xenon bulbs do not differ by a great margin. However, Xenon bulbs last much longer than halogen counterparts, which is why you can avail more value by installing the modern xenon headlights in your car.

Brighter Lights

The Xenon bulbs produce significantly brighter light (almost 3 to 5 times more than a classic halogen bulb produces). This much of brightness enhances the visibility on the road, and at the same time it does not blind other drivers. This is a major edge of Xenon bulbs.

Little to no eye-strain

The light produced by a Xenon Bulb is clear that does not cause any strain or irritation on your eyes. Seeing objects under this light is extremely comfortable.


Halogen lights are normally murky and muddy yellow lights. This increases the visibility issues especially in winter days when it gets dark early. The light generated by a Xenon Bulb, on the other hand, is clear white and looks striking. It gets easier to see objects even when it’s raining or snowing.


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